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Angie Dean studied a range of Vocal Techniques including Jazz and Classical Styles as well as the Seth Riggs (SLS) Speech Level Singing Technique. Combining all these methods to form a Bridge Based Technique focused on developing one voice from the low to high registers. 

          Her personal teaching method features a Holistic Approach instructing her students on their Posture, Breathing, Stage Presentation, Microphone Technique, as well as teaching them how to Read Music and understand Music Theory from the view of a Vocalist.


            Angie teaches a range of Genres including Jazz, Pop, Musical Theatre, Classical, RnB/Rap and Rock. She has worked professionally as a Voice Over Artist and as a MC, Angie coaches Public Speaking, and improving the Speaking Voice in everyday life.


             Angie continues to achieve excellent results preparing students for an array of important Exams and Auditions including: HSC Singing Exams and Singing Eisteddfods, the Sydney Conservatorium, the Australian Institute of Music (AIM) and the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Musical Theatre Productions, The Voice and X-Factor, and auditions for Bands.

              Angie Dean's Vocal Lessons aim for the student to most importantly have Fun and Enjoy using their Voice, and to develop a Solid Work Ethic in order to build Confidence in Performing. All students are provided the opportunity to perform at the yearly Angie Dean Vocal & Piano Studio Student Concert, to showcase their progress and celebrate their achievements.


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