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The ‘Angie Dean Vocal & Piano Studio’ guarantees all Students most importantly Have Fun, Enjoy their Lessons and Strive to be their Best.

The Policies below have been put in place to ensure the Studio is efficient and well organised.


Students are required to provide 24 Hours notice when cancelling Lessons. To cancel, please contact Angie Dean on +61 414 333 122 and leave a voicemail message if no answer and/or text message.

If Students cancel on the day, Angie will endeavour to reschedule the Lesson if possible. If rescheduling is unsuccessful, payment of the Lesson is still required.

In unforeseen circumstances Students may cancel Lessons up to 9:30pm the evening prior to the lesson.


Students with colds, the flu, coughs and viruses are to remain at home and are to refrain from coming to Lessons (above cancellation policy applies). To avoid spreading infection, Family members and Friends of the Student that are sick are discouraged from sitting in the Waiting Room whilst the Student is in their Lesson.

Environment & Lateness

Angie Dean Vocal and Piano Studio encourages a warm and friendly atmosphere and all students to be polite, courteous and well-mannered to everyone whilst at the Studio.

This also applies to the conduct of Friends and Family members in the Waiting Room. Please feel free to help yourself to a cuppa but endeavour to keep noise to a minimum.

Students who are late for their Lessons will still finish as scheduled however if Angie is running late the Student will be given their full allocated Lesson time.

**Please note there will be a few minutes at the beginning and end of each lesson to set up and pack up.

Special Considerations

Angie Dean is in constant demand for high profile functions at the Sydney Town Hall and other high profile events and as a result requires flexibility from Students as Lessons sometimes need to be changed or rescheduled however Angie will always give plenty of notice if this situation arises.

N.B. Angie Dean has a Working With Children Check (WWC).


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